Our Commitment

Whether we like it or not, the firearm community has natural enemies. The companies which serve it should never be among them. That means we will never sell ammunition we wouldn’t buy ourselves, and we will always put the member experience first.

We safeguard your right to access the ammunition you need, when you need it.

AmmoHawk was founded in 2015 by two friends unified in the mission to change the way shooters buy, sell and trade ammunition.

We all buy ammo for our own reasons: we plink, we hunt, we compete, we train. But if you’ve purchased ammo in the last 10 years you know it’s not without its headaches: “The price of my favorite cartridge skyrocketed.” “My gun store won’t sell me more than a few boxes of ammo at a time.” “What are regulations going to do to my ability to shoot?” Our mission is to squash these concerns by empowering every shooter to acquire high quality ammunition over time.

With AmmoHawk, we let you subscribe to a package of your favorite cartridge. We then build a monthly package of high quality ammo. We ship your package to our armory where we keep it safe and secure until you’re ready to shoot.

With us you have like-minded gun and ammunition advocates working for you to ensure you are getting the highest quality ammo at the best possible price.

Here are a few of the reasons we think you’ll love our service

  1. It saves you time.
  2. We do the legwork to find the highest quality cartridges at the best price each month. We also test all of the ammo we sell for quality and grade; we will never sell you a product we wouldn’t shoot ourselves.

  3. It saves you money.
  4. We run a lean operation. Because our footprint is so much smaller than that of your typical retail operation we can pass more savings along to our members.

  5. It’s good for our community.
  6. The major ammunition manufacturers already run at full capacity. Surges in demand can cripple their ability to output enough product to satisfy the market. That creates scarcity, and it drives prices up for the product that remains. By buying your ammunition over time you ease the demand on any one manufacturer. It’s a small way each of us can do our part for larger gun community.

Brian Lash, CEO


Brian is co-founder and CEO of AmmoHawk. He loves firearms and the liberties they safeguard. When he isn’t testing ammunition he enjoys reading, watching football and spending time with his niece and nephews.

Josh Jarvis, CTO


Josh is co-founder and CTO of AmmoHawk. He is a software developer and outspoken civil liberties advocate. When Josh isn't working on the next feature of AmmoHawk, he's spending time with his wife working on his home or playing music with friends.