(Yes, it really is that simple.)


how it works

STEP 1:  You sign up for $1.

STEP 2:  You tell us your favorite calibers, and what you spend on them each month. 

STEP 3:  We use your information to assemble personalized offers tailored to your preferences. Accept what you like. Decline what you don't.

STEP 4:  We store your ammo in a secure, temperature-controlled environment until you're ready to shoot. You can ship anytime (it's always $15) and even sell your ammo back to us for an instant credit against new offers.

STEP 5:  You get out and shoot!



A few of the brands we carRY

When we consider offers for our membership we begin by asking a fundamental question: Would we buy it ourselves? If the product fails that test we don't carry it, period.

AmmoHawk sells high grade ammunition from the brands you love. Here are just a few:


About Us

AmmoHawk was founded in 2015 by friends unified in the mission of changing the way people buy and sell ammunition online.

We opened to the public in June 2016 and since then have worked hard to execute on our brand vision.

Following are a few of our core values;

We seek to provide an unparalleled customer experience both online and off.

We seek to over-deliver wherever possible.

We seek to demonstrate by example the virtues of responsible gun ownership, and to be a resolute voice in the gun debate.

Most of all, we seek to continuously improve, and to be the kind of company our community deserves.

Want to get in touch? We would love to hear from you. Visit our Contact page.

Our cause

At no other point in history have we been more connected, yet many of us feel more isolated than ever. Why? Because always-on media, email, tweets, notifications and the like distract us from creating enriching life experiences (and for their own sake).

That's why at AmmoHawk we advocate taking time to disconnect. To go off the grid. To get outside and enjoy responsible recreation that fulfills and enriches. Whether it's hunting, fishing, camping or shooting, outdoor activity revitalizes us in ways nothing else can.

To that end we proudly partner with Tread Lightly!, a not-for-profit organization that champions and protects the great outdoors through stewardship, outreach, training and education initiatives. AmmoHawk passes 100% of member sign-up fees to Tread Lightly!, and in this manner contributes to the cause of unplugging, getting out and ethically enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer.

Learn more about Tread Lightly! here or visit the Tread Lightly! website at www.treadlightly.org.